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Türkiye Scholarships mean a bright chance for everyone who strives to have a high-quality international education.
With Turkey’s prestige increasing year by year, number of people who want to study at Turkish universities and experience a taste of vibrant society is boosting as Türkiye Scholarships applications demonstrate.

This year we received about 95.000 applications from all over the world. Interviews are about to begin these days, so you are advised to check your e-mail if you do not want to miss your interview.
Considering 5.000 available places, chances are obviously limited. But you may improve your chances of being selected for Türkiye Scholarships if you follow some simple rules and procedures on how to handle the interview.
Türkiye Scholarships interviews are conducted in the following format:
a. Welcome and introduction
The committee introduces themselves and explains the flow of the interview. Then they ask you to introduce yourself briefly.
b. Document check
While you are introducing yourself, a member of the committee checks your documents. Just make sure that you bring the original copies of your documents you have submitted in the application.
c. Candidate’s motivation for applying
Here candidates are expected to explain why they wish to study abroad, why they choose Turkey as study destination and any other reason they may provide.
d. Academic knowledge and career goals
This stage is about assessing your academic standing and your future plans. So you may be asked questions about the academic field you already completed or you wish to start or both. Your career plans are expected to be as concrete as possible.
e. Ending and questions to the committee
As you are approaching to the end of the interview, the committee will give you some information about where and when to get the results of the interview. Here you can ask any questions you may have.
We thank all the applicants again for their strong interest for Türkiye Scholarships and wish good luck for all those who will be invited to the interview.
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  1. I want this scholarship its so nice

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